Kate Winsor, User Experience Strategist & Consultant


Founder & Principal UX Consultant

Hi, I'm Kate.

I built my first website in 1997. Since then, I've always known that digital was where my heart was. And while development is no longer my primary skill, it is still at the core of my creative process; while the work I do as a User Experience professional should be agnostic to the technology layer, you have to understand how things work and get built in order to design for them.

I do not consider myself a designer, there are certain expectations that come with that label. And while I have many years of experience with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, and have no problem contributing those skills to a project when necessary, it is not my primary skill set. It's not the way I think.

I am an architect: I see the digital world in lines and shades of black and white. My job is to get inside the minds of users and understand how they think and use the platform we are working to improve. I have to make sure a user can successfully complete a task and that their success makes them feel good. I want to ensure that a process a user completes once a year is as easy as a task they complete everyday. I want to make sure that the patterns of interactions established on a digital platform remain consistent so that expectations are managed and met. I have to make filling out forms on the internet just a little less painful for everyone.



The goal of any project is to put something out in the world, to produce an end product. But to achieve that, you have to have a strategic position. It is the role of the UX strategist to ensure that the proposed digital experience is well researched, understood, and most importantly, validated by the end user. We need to create things that are useful, usable and desirable. UX strategy does the work to provide evidence about customer behavior and therefore eliminate the need to guess about the experience people expect and need. This creates value to both the consumer and the business by knowing before building.

I draft the big picture which then gets broken down in to tactics and execution. I look for trends, for connections, how making tweaks to the status quo can improve the user experience and meet business goals. I emphasize the importance of putting users and their experiences at the heart of all of decisions. My end goal is to make digital places feel meaningful.

  • Facilitate client workshops to uncover business and user requirements
  • Internal and external stakeholder interviews: this establishes and understanding of users and helps identify opportunities for improvement
  • Creation of personas, tracking of customer journeys
  • Best practices research and recommendations, trend forecasting
  • Analysis of current platforms and competitors

User Research is the Holy Grail of the UX/IA discipline. It is one of the most important aspects of what we do, yet it is the least sought after deliverable.

Any type of data we can get our hands on about the user base for a particular project is golden. This includes secondary research gathered from the web and primary research ranging from Google Analytics to the ever elusive multi-day User Testing sessions.

  • Creating recruitment guides to identify ideal test participants
  • Drafting test script/discussion guide consisting of test objectives, scope of the tests, participants tasks and follow-up questions for deep-diving on specific topics
  • Synthesize research findings into meaningful recommendations and actionable results
  • Investigate and resolve user experience issues through evaluation and testing

What happens when I push this button? Where does this link go? What happens when the user encounters an error? Why does Link A go before Link B in the header, and why is it called "Widgets" instead of "Thing-a-ma-bobs?" Those are the things that a UX Architect thinks about. We don't "do" photoshop, and we don't make things work- we love boxes, lines and shades of gray.

The role of an User Experience Architect requires the wearing of many hats. I love creating user experiences through research, feedback, analysis, testing and best practices.

  • Organize information in a meaningful way that can be easily digested by an end-user
  • Create wireframes, user flows, functional specifications, prototypes and other artifacts to describe the intended user experience
  • Apply user personas and scenarios to develop relevant process and user flow models
  • Generate interaction concepts that enable seamless, fluid, relevant and engaging experiences for users (aka the "cool factor")









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