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Customizing Your Event’s Audio Visual Checklist

When planning an event, you will always have the main components of audio visual equipment that are necessary to make sure everything is covered. However, there are many ways to customize those individual components to fit the needs for your specific situation. Here we will explore some questions to ask your audio-visual team to find the perfect piece of equipment for your event.

Cadence Studios | Customizing Your Event's Audio Visual Checklist


Audio equipment is necessary for any event so that your presenters and attendees can communicate and keep the audience engaged. Microphones, speakers, and soundboards are three of the main pieces of equipment you will need, but there are many different types to consider.

Some questions you need to ask during the planning stages of your event:

How many speakers will be on stage at the same time?

Will your speakers be stationary, seated, or frequently moving?

Will your speakers be able to wear a microphone, or do they prefer a handheld?

Are the speakers or performers going to be recorded?

How many speakers will each room need to properly fill it out with sound?

Will you have multiple performers or mixed media that will require a soundboard?

Is your event big enough to require a mixer for the performers?

Once you’ve confirmed your details, your audio-visual team can show you the best audio equipment that will be available for you. For a more detailed look at equipment options, check out this article!

Visual Tools

The next step in your audio-visual setup should be visual elements such as cameras, projectors and screens, and lighting. Adding visuals to your event is a game-changer and allows you to engage your audience more with your message. Just like audio, there are many different tools to help you accomplish this.

Some things you will want to consider when deciding on your visual tools:

Is your event taking place inside or outside?

This will help you decide between a myriad of different camera selections that can adapt to your space.

Is your venue large enough for a screen and projector combo?

You will also want to consider the potential for your lighting elements to clash with a screen if the space is too small.

Does your venue have any limitations when it comes to lighting?

Your audio-visual team will be able to help you customize your visual elements to your needs and venue! For more information on projectors and visuals, click here!

Streaming and Bandwidth

Especially with the recent rise of virtual events, streaming services are more popular now than ever. From small meetings to large conferences, almost all events are being streamed to audiences and attendees alike. You will want to consider if streaming your event would benefit you and your attendees and speak with your venue and audio-visual team on the equipment required for it.

Another important thing to consider is what the bandwidth demand will be for your event. You will need to take into consideration not only all of the internet-enabled devices you will be using as presenters but also the devices your attendees and staff will likely be using. And if you decide to stream the event, you will want to have a secure and dependable internet connection. Talk to your venue about in-house options or your audio-visual team on ways to strengthen your connection.

Miscellaneous Tools

It’s always best to be over-prepared than not prepared at all in the event of a malfunction! Below we have included some tools that are often forgotten about, but are great to have on hand just in case!

Adaptors for Power and Linking

Backup Cords for the Audio Visual Equipment

Batteries of All Kinds in case of Power Outages

Tape, Tools, and Ties!

Backups and Replacement Equipment that can be Switched Out Easily