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Event Production Services

When Expertise and Experience Matters

Event production elevates an event to the next level. It focuses on the live, stage presentation of an event using sound, lighting, video, design, and more to create the atmosphere, and establish the mood and emotion of attendees. An event producer will work with clients to identify the concept of the event, and plan the logistics and technical components. Rather than focusing on planning and project management,  producers work with presenters, audio visual crews, and technology vendors, to create and deliver amazing live experiences at an event.

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Event Production Services by Cadence Studios | Event Production & Marketing - Sherman, TX

What Does an Event Production Company Do?

Putting on an event involves many moving parts, with both guests and vendors to manage. Event production companies like Cadence Studios provide all of the audio and visual services for your event. This includes not only the technology, but also the setup of all the equipment and operation of the technology. Many events need high quality sound systems and video systems that would be otherwise prohibitively expensive to purchase. Production companies provide these for your event.

Other services event production companies provide include video and live streaming of your event. In addition to setting up audio and video equipment, your production company can also record your event and provide professional video production services for your company. Live streaming your event is an easy way to multiply your audience. It can be a valuable tool for organizations looking to expand their reach, businesses trying to improve their social media presence, and events that need to
go out live to employees.

What Types of Events Do Event Production Companies Produce?

Event production companies typically work with other businesses to put on various types of events with various goals in mind. The best event production companies understand the impact of ROI and work with their clients to help them realize a return on their investments. When the overall experience and presentation of an event matters, businesses turn to event production companies to help them put on events such as:

  • Concerts and festivals
  • Private events
  • Corporate meetings, trade shows, conferences and workshops
  • Brand and product launches
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Weddings
Event Production Services by Cadence Studios | Event Production & Marketing - Sherman, TX
Event Production Services by Cadence Studios | Event Production & Marketing - Sherman, TX

What Does It Take to Produce an Event?

Any event production has many moving parts. From pre-production to load-out, having an understanding of what needs to be done and the best way to do it is one of the benefits of working with an experienced event production company.

Pre-production is the first step in the event production process. This is when the client and event production company begin to outline the details of the event and gather a list of all the required equipment. While there will always be last second changes and additions to the show, this is where an experienced production company will ask the right questions and really focus on removing the unknowns leading up to the show.

Several hours (or days!) before your event begins, your event production team will arrive at the venue and begin unloading all the needed equipment from the truck, unpacking it, and setting it up. This includes running miles of cables and securing them to the ground so no one trips over them. They will test the equipment, run through cues for the event and make tweaks as needed.  It is important to build in enough time so that everything can be set up and tested properly.

Show Time
It’s time to open the doors, let the audience in and for the experience to begin! But the production crew isn’t sitting around! They’re working hard behind the scene, cuing presenters, tweaking the lights and sounds, making sure the mics have batteries and that everything can be seen and heard.

When the event is over, it’s time to pack up everything and leave the venue space as you found it.  After a successful event, the event production company breaks down the stage and all the AV equipment and loads it onto the trucks. Depending on the size of the event, this could be a relatively quick process, or it could take days.

The Benefits of Working with an Event Production Company

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced production company to help you put on your event. Some of the biggest benefits include experience, logistics management and their network of vendors.

An experienced event production company will know what questions to ask, how to avoid costly mistakes and help ensure the event runs smoothly. They will know how to maximize your budget and work with you to bring your vision to life.

One of the biggest benefits of working with an experienced event production company is that they know how to manage all the moving pieces that go into putting on an event of any size. Coordinating vendors, rentals and permits is challenging even with experience. But managing the logistics involved with producing an event is something that an event production company does on a regular basis.

Event production companies have a large network of vendors that they work with on a regular basis to source all the equipment they do not have in their warehouse. Instead of trying to track down a piece of equipment or try to understand the technology, event production companies know who to go to, what to ask for and who to trust which will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Event Production Services by Cadence Studios | Event Production & Marketing - Sherman, TX
Event Production Services by Cadence Studios | Event Production & Marketing - Sherman, TX

How Much Does Event Production Cost?

Along with any catering and venue rental costs, event production is going to be one of the most expensive aspects of putting on your event. But if you consider all that it encompasses, it is well worth the cost and peace of mind. Event production ensures that your message can be seen and heard. It also creates a visually pleasing and memorable experience for your audience regardless of the type of event.

An experienced event production company knows how to work with almost any budget and can get creative with the execution of certain elements of your event. They will also be realistic with you in terms of managing expectations of what is within the limits of your budget. It is always worth setting up a consultation and getting their opinion. Chances are they’ve worked with events like yours before and can help you come up with some budget-friendly alternatives

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