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The Studio

A State of the Art Space

The Studio at Cadence Studios offers an array of solutions for podcast, film, and commercial needs. The space can be utilized as a recording studio,  video and photo shoots, and virtual event hub. And it’s backed by our staff and equipment so you know your project is going to a success before it starts.

Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems provide connection, sound amplification, and distribution to get your music heard by the public. It is a general term that typically describes everything that any instrument or vocal signals have to pass through to get to the audience.

This includes:

  • Consoles
  • Amplifiers
  • Equalizers
  • Cables
  • Wireless Systems

We offer portable PA systems for smaller venues and applications. They are easy to set up in just a few steps but powerful enough to provide consistent sound coverage.



Speakers are what project the sound to you and your audience. There are many different categories of speakers but the most common are front of house speakers, monitors, and subwoofers.

Front of house (FOH) speakers are the main speakers used in a PA system. They’re going to be the most visible. The size of these speakers can vary widely depending on the venue or event type. Subwoofers are normally quite large and work in tandem with FOH speakers, enhancing the overall volume and tone of the resulting sound. Monitor speakers sit on the stage and are positioned to towards the performers. musicians will generally perform better if they can hear themselves! However, with the increasing popularity of Wireless In-Ear monitors, we are seeing less monitor speakers on stages because artists are able to hear themselves through the headsets they wear.

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