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Cadence Studios | How AV Companies Make Your Event Awesome

How AV Companies Make Your Event Awesome

As an event planner, your goal is to create an event that has an impact, effectively engages your attendees, and provides benefits to your presenters. Technology, lighting, sound, and video can play a huge role in the success of your event. Professional audiovisual companies can help you to create that magic and impact through their creative use of technology. They bring years of experience, expertise, knowledge, and a sprinkle of creativity to the table helping you bring your vision to life.
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Cadence Studios | What To Expect from an AV Company

What To Expect from an AV Company

Searching for an AV rental company can be an overwhelming undertaking. Some companies you research may claim to have the best equipment in the industry, while others may claim to be able to supply large-scale and elaborate events. Working your way through the different companies that will suit your event can become baffling at times. We've put together a list of qualities to consider when on the hunt for the right audio video rental company for your event.
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Cadence Studios | Avoid These 5 Beginner Filmmaker Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Beginner Filmmaker Mistakes

When you're learning a new skill, you make a lot of mistakes. Trust, us. We did! Luckily, we have learned a lot over the past years of working with different types of equipment, locations and talent. From the basic skills of learning how to hold a camera steady when you don't have a gimbal to do it for you to going beyond just capturing film, here is a list of some of the mistakes we see a lot of beginner filmmakers making and how to overcome them.
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Cadence Studios | What Is a Hybrid Event?

What Is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events, or events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences, will be an essential part of the new normal in the events industry moving forward. They are the perfect solution for those programs that can be held both onsite and virtually.
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Cadence Studios | The Lowdown on Lighting Terms

The Lowdown on Lighting Terms

One of the most inexpensive ways to take a blank venue space from drab to fab is through the use of lighting. Often overlooked and underrated, lighting can make everything and everyone in the room look better.
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Cadence Studios | 7 Event Planning Tips

7 Event Planning Tips

Planning and running a successful live event does not have to be complicated. With a solid strategy, thoughtful planning, a focus on the overall experience, and an amazing vendor team to support your goals, your event can stand out and be talked about by your guests for years to come.
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