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Knocking It Out of the Park

Celebrating the accomplishments of the Chamber and their Partners from the previous year.

The Rockwall Chamber of Commerce’s 2024 annual meeting and awards banquet marked a significant celebration of the Chamber and its partners’ achievements over the past year. Hosted at the newly opened Amerisports complex in Rockwall, the event introduced attendees to a fresh venue experience. Themed “Sequins and Sneakers,” the occasion combined elegance with a sports-inspired atmosphere. Cadence Studios, selected as the AV partner, played a pivotal role by delivering essential sound, lighting, and projection solutions. With our team of technicians managing sound, videos, slideshows, and walk-on music, the event seamlessly unfolded. We also provided the custom backdrop for the stage to create a sports banquet-like effect. Overcoming the challenge of not being able to place anything directly on the gym floor, we employed innovative strategies to ensure a flawless execution, highlighting our adaptability and creative problem-solving capabilities.


Lighting, Projection, Trusses, Custom Backdrop, Sound, Technicians

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