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Read This Before Renting AV Equipment from a Hotel

There are many moving pieces that have to come together when planning any kind of event at a hotel, or other large venue. One you’ve determined the best space for your need, the next step is to figure out how to get your message seen and heard. It’s time to determine what AV equipment best suits you. The hotel or event center you’ve rented the space from may have  items available, but how will you know what you need and how to set it up?

Cadence Studios | Read This Before Renting AV Equipment from a Hotel
We recommend bringing in your own AV experts. They will be able to save you money, focus their full attention and service on your event instead of trying to manage catering, staff and the venue. Most importantly, they will have the most advanced equipment with the latest technology and know how to best set it up.


In most cases, hotels do not own or operate their own AV equipment. More often than not they contract with an AV company and act as the middle man.  This relationship could drive your overall AV cost up so that all parties share in the revenue. In the other cases, the hotel owns the equipment, but they have no experience in properly running or maintaining it outside of knowing where the on/off button is. Bringing your own AV company to help produce your event will save you a lot of money. An outside audio visual rental and production company has the same staff and equipment available to you that the hotel offers, but at a fraction of the price and much more flexibility.

A Commitment to Service

An experienced AV company will make your job easier. Often a hotel’s knowledge of audio visual is limited which causes them to be reactive to your event needs instead of proactive. Letting your AV partner plan the layout and make sure you have everything you need will free up a good chunk of your time. When time comes for the event, you do not need to be worried about the audio visual equipment setup and breakdown when you have an event to host. Unfortunately, the hotel staff might be spread thin and divided between multiple events. A quality AV partner will anticipate your needs, and has dealt with the majority of issues that could arise leading up to and during your event. They offer turnkey service and they are there to focus on a successful event for you.

The Best Equipment

A professional AV company’s inventory is much more extensive, reliable and diversified than what you typically find in a hotel. A rental company offers the latest technology that is well maintained with a staff that has extensive knowledge to ensure the AV equipment is used to best suit the needs of your event or meeting. Most importantly, a professional AV company knows how to safely set up and anchor all the required pieces of equipment so that nothing gets knocked down or tripped over.