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Tips & Tricks for Planning Your Next Event

Every event takes many hours of careful planning and precision execution to create the stellar event you promised your clients. Audio visual is one of the largest parts of any public and private event today, with the popularity of projectors, sound systems, lighting, and even backgrounds being hard sought after to make every event unique and unforgettable. Below are some tips and tricks to use for your next event to help take it to the next level!

Cadence Studios | Tips & Tricks for Planning Your Next Event

Know the end goal and purpose behind the event you are organizing.

Being aware of and keeping true to the desired outcome from the start will help you establish strategies and priorities when it comes to organizing your event and the vendors you will be using.

Be realistic about your commitments.

No matter if you are planning a large event or something on the smaller side, you need to know your foundations, liabilities, and your limits. Don’t stretch yourself thin on something that you will not be able to deliver in the end and instead focus on quality over quantity.

Checklists are key!

Something every event planner should keep on hand is a checklist of everything from audio visual equipment you were quoted to transportation, lighting, parking, and more. Assembling these lists after you finalize the event and vendors will help you be better prepared day of to know what you are expecting and quickly sort through what you are missing and who to contact about it.

Be aware of the size of your audience.

Not only do you need to know the capacity of your event, but you need to have a solid number of attendees to be able to provide to the vendors prior to the day of. It is important to have these numbers so you and the companies you will be working with can plan further for format, content, budget, location, and number of staff they will need the day of.

Basic equipment needs.

Some good and universal equipment groups include:

              -Production Equipment

              -Audio and Visual Equipment

              -Lighting Equipment

              -Crowd Control and Comfort

              -Registration and Computer Equipment

No matter if this is your first time organizing an event or if you are an experienced planner, you should always ensure you are perfectly clear to your clients and on the same page. This will set you up to make a strong and long-lasting partnership with your current client and any future clients that the good word of mouth might bring in. Most importantly, make sure that your client has an enjoyable experience working with you and looks forward to the next event you create together!