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What is an Event Production Company?

Event production is a standalone step that is necessary to have a fully realized design using help from experts within the field who work within your budget, schedule, and while working with an event planner. Understanding the role of an event production company for your next event will play an important part in making sure your event goes off without a hitch. Here we will touch on some of the most important aspects of event planning.

Cadence Studios | What Is An Event Production Company

What is an event production company and what do they do?

Every major and minor detail involved in making any occasion a full experience is included within event production. From intimate gatherings to corporate gatherings and concerts, event production transforms the occasion from a standard affair to an unforgettable experience.

Event production companies are responsible for transforming the venue to reflect the event’s theme, renting and setting up lighting and other mood enhancers, adding theatrics to the ambiance, and overall making sure that everything runs smoothly from set up to take down.

What are the benefits of working with an event production company?

Working with an event production company comes with many different perks including arranging everything you need, constructing a strong framework for the event, coordinating the extra personnel and companies involved, and securing backup plans. 

How much does event production cost?

Event production will be one of the more expensive services you need to plan for in your budget. The cost will all depend on the selected venue, number of guests, and types of activities. Event production companies are used to working with just about any budget and will give you truthful information on what you can and cannot afford within your price points.

What is the difference between a coordinator and a producer?

Event coordinators will handle teams of people who put the event into motion the day of, make creative choices, and come up with elements that are imaginative yet practical. Producers are more behind the scenes conducting research to determine the needs of your participants, the event topics and viability, and creating the format and content of the event tailored to these researched findings. 

What should I expect from my event production company?

They are responsible for taking your visions for your event and turning them into reality while staying within your strict budget and time schedule. They will be experienced, organized, and knowledgeable in all aspects of your event.

What does an event production company not do?

Event production companies will typically not assist with sales, marketing, or advertisement involving your event or brand. With today’s social media climate and the strong impact it can have, you will want to double-check your contract as they may be setting up live walls for social media streaming but will not be doing the streaming themselves.