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Event Planners Guide To AV

Event planners are no strangers to the demand for sound and video at their client’s events and having a basic understanding of the terminology involved with the experts behind AV will ensure planning to go smoothly and quickly. Here is a short but sweet introduction to the field that will help you keep up with your new team as your move forward together!

Cadence Studios | Event Planners Guide To AV

What exactly is AV?

AV is short for Audio Visual and in general involves three main components, audio, visual, and lighting, to help you create the proper environment for what you client is looking to immerse their guests in. While many years ago the term AV was mostly related to smaller presentations, AV is now one of the most important aspects of an event as it combines those three components along with the newest digital technology to take every event to a new level and create an unforgettable experience.

What is the benefit to hiring an AV partner?

Just as a client is hiring you, the event planner, to organize the event because you are an expert in your field, you will want to hire an AV expert to make sure everything is installed correctly, safely, and kept always working. There are many tasks involved in running AV for an event that are not only difficult to do but can be dangerous if someone isn’t properly trained. Event rigging, for example, is dangerous and requires a special certification to even operate the equipment.

It would be more time and resource wise to use someone who is familiar with coordinating these special circumstances. In addition to the technical side, a skilled AV partner can also offer help with more creative paths, contributing their own imagination and artistic designs and experience to help you event stand out.

Should I hire the AV partner right away?

The earlier you hire an AV partner the more effective they can be in designing your event and determine what size of a team will be needed for your project. Just as event planners are adept with time management and strategy, an AV company also relies on these qualities to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The sooner you hire a partner, the better your event and experience will be! 

Should I get to know my AV team well?

Once you hire an AV team there is no doubt that you will be working very hard and long hours alongside them before, during, and even after the conclusion of the event. Learning the names and roles of your partners will not only make them feel appreciated but will also make them want to work with you on future projects and it will help keep the event running smoothly if you know who to go to when you need something done.

How do I make sense of all these quotes and fees?

Budget is one of the most important things an Event Planner is tasked with and making sure your AV partner stays within those boundaries goes right along with it. Even if you are familiar with a good amount of AV equipment, sorting through the quotes, contracts, and itemizations can be confusing. You will always want to read between the lines as you likely already to for most contracts and ask as many questions as needed before agreeing on any quote that you don’t fully understand or are not satisfied with the content or costs of.

While this information can be overwhelming, any good AV company will always be willing to give you an honest walkthrough of everything discussed here and beyond. Cadence Studios is ready to help you and your client in any way and make your upcoming event unforgettable!