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How AV Companies Make Your Event Awesome

As an event planner, your goal is to create an event that has impact, effectively engages your attendees, and provides benefits to your presenters.  Technology, lighting, sound and video can play a huge role in the success of your event. Professional audio visual companies can help you to create that magic and impact through their creative use of technology. They bring years of experience, expertise, knowledge, and a sprinkle of creativity to the table helping you bring your vision to life. We’ve put together a short list of ways audio visual companies can take your event to the next level.

Cadence Studios | How AV Companies Make Your Event Awesome

Pre-Planning Saves Money

Working with a professional audio visual company from the earliest planning stages can make a huge difference when it comes to budget and overall impact. Working with a company that has experience working with your venue can bring that knowledge to the table making the planning process even more efficient. A full service av company can make sure every technical element of your production is completely integrated and working together to give your event a cohesive aesthetic.

Staffing Is Not An Issue

One advantage of working with professional audio visual companies is the full-service benefits they provide. Along with all of the planning and equipment, a full-service company can provide all of the technical staff needed to operate the sound, visual elements and lighting for your event. That means your technical production needs are placed in capable hands freeing your time to concentrate on managing all of the other aspects of your event.

Visual Impact

Almost every conference will incorporate visual content on screens. The right screen can add impact and engage your audience drawing them into the presentations. Your audiovisual partner will have the experience and equipment to make sure your screens are the right size, and readable from anywhere in the room. They will take into account any visual obstructions and can create a multi screen display as needed.

Behind the Scene Tools

A well run event has a rhythm and a pace. Audio visual companies can help presenters stay on time and on target. Two behind the scene tools that av companies provide are confidence monitors and countdown timers.  A confidence monitor is a screen that is positioned low in front of a speaker and is used to mirror the projector screens to help them to keep track of their presentation slides. A countdown timer can be displayed right on the comfort monitor to help the presenter know how much time the have left in their presentation.

Create the Environment

Conference rooms are generally a blank slate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Audio visual companies have many tricks up their sleeves to create environments in these blank spaces. Lighting can set the mood, convey emotion, create magic, turn up the heat or cool things down and make them intimate. Audio elements be used to add an element of consistency and set a mood for the over all event. It can also can add an element of excitement and energize an audience before a key presentation.


Professional Event Recording

Working with professional event technicians means you have the ability and access to the technology to capture professional quality audio or video recordings of your entire event. You can use the recordings as a takeaway for attendees or sell it to people who couldn’t attend.