How To Put On A Concert

Throwing a concert will take a strong amount of organization and preparations made in advance, so here we will outline five steps to make the process as stress-free as possible.

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Projectors 101: The Basics

Cadence Studios | Projects 101: The Basics

Finding the right fit projector for your classroom, church, or boardroom does not have to be a difficult one. Here we will review basic terminology and functions that will help you find the perfect projector and screen for your next presentation!

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What Equipment Do I Need to Put on a Concert?

Cadence Studios | The Equipment You Need To Put On A Concert

Audio plays the most vital role for live concert performances and relies on the latest technology and strong expertise to superiorly execute it. This article will tell you the basics of the equipment you need to take your live event to the next level!

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What Does It Take To Produce An Event?

Cadence Studios | What Does It Take To Produce An Event

Discover the essential steps involved in event production, from pre-production to load-out. Gain insights into the coordination, set-up, and execution of successful events. Learn from experienced event production companies and ensure a seamless event.

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